Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hallows Eve 2011

This year, I decided to be a Droog.  From A Clockwork Orange.  Ultra Violence and milk.  Just my speed.

For the past two years Mila, Tyler, Ryan, Cory D and I, have been a part of an awesome Halloween maze/fright night at Mr. Bill Pullman's house (not to brag).  One of my dearest friends, the amazing artist Eric Keyes, used to live next door to Bill (yeah that's right, first name basis) and has been helping decorate and put these frightful evenings together for years. The theme for this year was "The Death of Art."  Real artsy fartsy kind of stuff.  Weird art installations, a deathly Pollock exhibit and of course a wicked cool zombie yard.  I wish I could have gotten better pictures but it was quite dark.  After the madness was over, we went inside to a delicious buffet of beef stew, apple pie, pumpkin pie and wine from 1917!

My ultra violent costume was intended for a party we were attending after the frightful madness at Mr. Pullman's.  So to make it more scary for the haunted maze, I slapped on a bloody KISS mask and ended up looking pretty frightening.

God I love scaring people.  The louder the scream, the better I feel.  MWAAAAAA-AAAA-A

Mila, grabbing a quick bite at the Beachwood Market.

Mila's sweet mask.

Tyler looking awesome/creepy.

Ryan's scary bird mask.

Minus my KISS mask, we all look like we're in a Stanley Kubrick film.


Getting ready for the first crowd.

Mila & the boys after the scares, and now on to the dance party.  (Ryan, Cory D and Tyler)

Eric with Bill and Tamara