Thursday, July 3, 2014


We planned a day dedicated to SPACE AWESOMENESS FUN TIME. It was just perfect. We first went to the California Science Center to see Endeavor in person and let me tell you, it is quite a site to see. It was much larger than either of us anticipated and the pictures just don't do it justice. Seeing it for the first time, kind of took my breath away. Also, I may have cried a little bit. It was a feeling of complete awe, which in this day and age, you don't get to experience very often. It's nice to have that feeling every once in a while. We also watched the IMAX Hubble 3D show and it was amazing. After spending the day there, we went on over to the Griffith Observatory to watch the Planetarium show, stargaze and explore. Brian hadn't been to either place and I was so excited to take him on an adventure. We had such an incredible day. Plus, The Griffith Observatory is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles (side note, it's also pretty romantic), so if you're ever in town, go!

I had to wear my Space Shoes of course.  (And since some of you have asked, they're by Miss L Fire)

My happy guy.

This place is my happy place.


  1. You and Brian make an adorable couple. There, I said it :) A little surprised that he had never been to one of THE coolest places in the entire city. Living in Los Angeles and never going to the Griffith Observatory is like living in Mongolia and never bare-back riding a yak. You know it makes sense. Thank you for sharing, Ashley. Please keep the posts coming!

  2. Those are pretty much the coolest shoes I've ever seen. And the matching blue pedicure shows great attention to detail :3

  3. Great photos :) What type of camera do you use?