Monday, June 25, 2012

Saint Barts Family Vacation! (Our Way-More-Fancy-Than-We-Usually-Take-Vacation Vacation)

So I've been lazy and haven't been posting.  I don't have the best follow through with these types of things.  Who knows why I even start them or if anyone even looks at this.  Anyway, here are some pictures from a family vacation we took.  In January.  Yes.  I realize it's June.  Deal with it.

My sister's husband is an incredible musician.  He gets to play all over the world and when he had a show in Saint Barts, he wanted us to come along and make it a family vacation.  My brother, his wife and two kids weren't able to get time off work, so it was a half-family vacation.  They were surely missed.

My family left a couple of days before I did because I had to finish up work.  From Los Angeles, it's three different plane rides.  The last two planes, you fly into the most dangerous landing strips in the world.  And it's quite exciting.  When I boarded these tiny planes, I felt a little bit like Indiana Jones.  It was a bumpy ride, the woman to my right was crying, but golly, I had fun.

When I arrived at the house, I went to the backyard, walked through this little white gate and jumped in the water.  That's pretty much where I spent my whole trip.  

Since there were so many of us in the house, I shared a bed with my niece and nephew.  We opened up the windows so we could hear the water at night.  We also read Batman.  Every single night.  I now know it by heart. 

That's right.  Nutella ice cream. 

My sister and I decided to go explore one night and check out the small town of Gustavia.  

We heard this amazing music and found it was coming from this little church. 

I can't turn down a good cup of espresso.  Even if it's midnight.  Especially if it's midnight.

On the way home, we stopped by this little theater where Jonny and the band were rehearsing.

Just me.  Getting ready to pee in some bushes.

And then came the night of the concert.  It was so much fun and they did a fantastic job.  And the view was unbelievable.

I snuck backstage because I wanted to get some live shots.  These guys rocked it.

It's Brad Whitford, yo.  From freakin' Aerosmith.

This is Brad's son Harrison.  And he was a mad man.  Only 16 and so talented.

After the concert, my family for some reason all wanted to sit on one small couch.

Time to go home.  

 My mom used to be a stunt Pilot.  Yeah, that's right, she's awesome.  She stopped flying before she had us, so we've never been able to fly with her.  Welp, what better time to start flying again at the most dangerous airport in the world.  Right up her alley.

Made it off the ground!

Flying on three different planes proved to be a little crazy with three kids under four, but my sister and Jon are champion parents and it turned out to be a lot of fun.


  1. Hi Ashley! Great pics! I felt like I went on a little mini vacation just looking at them! All the pretty scenery and colors! Wow! Looks like you all had a blast!

    Vanessa M.

  2. Unbelievable shots--so glad I stopped by.
    You seem to be so much like my best friend, my sister, and that's the best compliment I could ever give anyone ever.


  3. Hey uhm, you're really pretty. Would you like to take me out to dinner?

  4. Wow, looks like a ton of fun. I laughed at the picture where you peed in the bush. Oh and I know people probably tell you this all the time, but you are extremely beautiful. Extremely. There I said it. It doesn't matter though, due to the fact that this blog was last updated over a year ago, and I doubt you ever check this. But if by the off chance you do see this, it would mean the world to me if you replied. Even if it just said hi. And I know you gotta get sick of people asking you to reply and whatnot...but I couldn't resist. You are just marvellous. Anyways, goodbye Ashley

  5. I like this, gives your fans something to get to know you a bit more, cause after all you are a person. People seem to forget that. I'm glad you had fun then. And don't stop doing blogs, I like this. It's what makes you you and helps you express yourself.

  6. Lol, that was awesome. Storytelling by pictures is more powerful than i thought.

  7. I was just on your twitter and saw that you have a blog... and its a pretty awesome blog I have to say!

    P.S I love that photo of you with the astronaut helmet on..reminded me of The last of us: Left behind. you really are Ellie.. ;) I had a blog once.. But I didn't really know what to write..I just wrote some random shit on their for..well for me really haha I doubt anyone ever saw my blog XD (Sorry for my english.. I'm from The Netherlands)

  8. of your work! You seem like a really cool person to be around, (Good Vibes) :D

    -Die Hard Last of Us Fan! (P.S. obviously you made this blog a while back, and I doubt you will check this but if there is the slight chance you do, it would mean so, so very much to me if you could reply back to me).

    - Crazy Last of Us Fan Varun S.


  9. I adore your photography skills so much! I'm actually going to get my first DSLR camera soon, so I can take beautiful pictures when I vacation in Telluride, CO this summer! Hope to see a new blog post in the near future. I love reading about your latest adventures! Take care! ^_^

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